Street Faction

Street Faction

In spring of 2013, Street Faction started in a small one-car garage in Long Beach, California. It was an idea between two friends who envisioned a company that focused on designing and producing high quality products for the automotive community.
After several months, one of the friends stepped away to focus on school. By fall of 2013, Matt partnered up with his girlfriend, Thao, who brought on marketing experience and a unique touch to their growing company.
As Matt and Thao pushed forward with full force, social media documented each step of their progress, and word of mouth escalated their reputation in the automotive industry.  Realizing that their vision was becoming a reality, they decided Street Faction was ready for the next phase of their dream.

Spring of 2015 came around and the pair signed a lease to a 2,300 sq.² facility in Santa Fe Springs, California.  With the expanded space, the newly minted Street Faction Engineering attracted more customers and fans. With the right people in place, their business began to grow more than ever.
Street Faction Engineering is currently working around the clock to keep up with the demand for their products and services. Their plans for 2016 include signing onto a larger location to support the expansion of their innovative product line. With your continued support, they will continue making affordable, premium quality products for the automotive community.


Disclaimer: Our products are made for off road use only.

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