Vertex USA

Vertex USA
Established October 10th 1996, Car Make T&E entered the Japanese automotive performance industry. T stands for “Technical” and E stands for “Elegant”. Mr. Takahiro Ueno founded the company with many hardships. This allowed him to study his craft very thoroughly (therefore perfecting it). He designs body kits with inspiration to factory bodylines. His concept is desired to be simple and aggressive simultaneously. The goal is to create a subtle design to compliment its original form. No design is ever overdone, yet it stands in its own class.
With a street racer heart, Mr. Ueno is an addictive driver. He loves his Soarers and the excitement associated with street racing. Because of this, Mr. Ueno remains true to his street racing roots, allowing his passion to show in his company and his products. Followers of Mr. Ueno know this by watching him compete in the D1GP with his world famous Vertex Soarer.
Discipline and hard work fuels the company. Therefore, Car Make T&E & Vertex USA are strong advocates of promoting ORIGINAL & AUTHENTIC products. We dismiss all copied and knock off products and strongly urge our customers to purchase AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS.
We at Vertex USA are pleased to offer Car Make T&E products to North America. We are dedicated to offering quality parts to our customers that they will enjoy for a lifetime. Remember, the art of tuning is fueled by passion!

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