NRG Reinforced Steering Wheel "SAKURA" RST-036SAK-R

NRG Reinforced Steering Wheel "SAKURA" RST-036SAK-R SALE


$154.00 $189.99

The line that revamped our Steering Wheels, and our first ever "reinforced steering wheels", the spec that ALL of our steering wheels are built to today. 75mm deep, featuring a solid spoke design over the typical circular cut-outs for added material strength, covered in high density injection foam for the perfect grip and wrapped with varies material such as leather, suede, and alcantara.

  • The very first Reinforced steering wheel
  • Premium Leather
  • Double rivetted spokes for extra strength
  • 350mm Diameter
  • 3" Deep Dish
  • Bolt Pattern 6x70mm 

NRG Innovations Products are designed for off road use only. Keep it on the track.


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